Just six months ago, I posted an solicitation from GLOTRADE s.r.o. with a cost of $1,230. The offer was bogus then. Now the cost is $2,890! And still worthless!

This “publication” has no real value to trademark owners. I have never met a trademark professional who relies on any such private directories for anything. They are incomplete and unofficial. They do not add to a trademark’s protection in any meaningful way.

I have published their solicitation below. It is possible there is some monitoring they provide with the service, but the offer is vague about the nature of it and whether it is included or separate.

The address at 244 Madison Avenue in NYC appears to be a UPS store, and the fine print on the back of the offer notes that the offer is applicable under Czech law. Which out to tell you all you need to know about nature of the offer.

If you have been taken by this scam, I suggest that you file a complaint with the FTC, write a letter to the USPTO Commissioner, and contact law enforcement.

Beware of such scams. Read the fine print. Contact your attorney. Report scams to the FTC and USPTO.

It continues to astound me that the USPTO, DOJ, FTC, and others refuse to do more to investigate and halt these blatant scams targeting trademark owners.

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9 thoughts on “Beware of continuing trademark scam from GLOTRADE s.r.o.

  1. Thanks for sharing. I just got one of these letters today. Just googled the name because it seemed suspicious. Thanks for clarifying and the heads up!

  2. I just looked the name up today as well. It seemed suspicious and of course the first thing I see is a scam warning. Thank you guys.

  3. Our organization received the same letter from Glotrade asking for payment using an identical letter to the one that you received. We are very grateful that you posted the true facts as I hope this helps others too who could potentially be scammed.

  4. I’m glad that people like you have posted these kind of things. Our company received an “invoice” a couple of weeks ago, and we googled it to see if it was legit. Lo and behold, turns out it’s a big ol’ scam. So thank you!

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