A new bogus trademark offering was received last week. See below. This is bogus and a scam. Here are few reasons:

  • It has limited or no real value
  • There is nothing for “renewal” despite the heading
  • It is not from any government agency (but made to look like one)
  • It is outrageously priced
  • It is not clear what service is offered? Presumably their own directory/registration, which is worthless and never consulted by anyone.
  • It claims their database has 3 million records. These are presumably found in public records.
  • The agreement with IPS is governed by the law of Czech Republic

Let’s hope the USPTO and other authorities will shut this scam down. But given that many other scams preying on trademark owners have been around for a while and continue unabated, I wouldn’t be too optimistic. So BEWARE!

Intellectual Property Services

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7 thoughts on “Beware of new trademark scam from IPS Intellectual Property Services

  1. I just got the same letter in the mail today. They try to make the signature look like it’s hand signed, but it’s not. The one on my letter is identical to the one on yours.

  2. USPTO says “If you receive a trademark-related offer or notice that you believe is misleading, file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) immediately. Keep the offer or notice and the envelope; these may be requested later. Although the FTC does not resolve individual consumer complaints, as the nation’s consumer protection agency it may begin investigations and prosecutions based on widespread complaints about particular companies or business practices.”

  3. I received the same…this should be simple and easy to shut down….not sure why we pay fees to the patents and trademarks office if they can’t do this. Unbelievable.

  4. I also received this notice. They out did themselves making it look very official. I did benefit in one way though, the registration number for the trademark! Maybe I should send them a ‘ thank you’ note! LOL

  5. I have received the same invoice to pay from Prague a couple of times to pay around €2000.00 My patent attorney has told me that it is a scam don’t pay it . But never a follow up or remainder after the letter .

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