Sonia and Erik are back! We’ve had a huge demand for this class and we finally made it happen. Everything related to cease and desist letters. Even if you aren’t a litigator, we should all be equipped with the skill set to send and respond to a trademark infringement cease and desist letter.

The course will be jam-packed with valuable content, tips, advice, and best practices. Join us on Friday, Dec. 13, 2019 at 4pm ET (1pm PT) for a comprehensive discussion of issues regarding a potential infringement scenario, including:

  • Investigation of the infringement 
  • The importance of priority (dates, use, etc.)
  • Mechanics of letter-sending – who to send to, where to send, how to send, etc.
  • Sending a cease and desist letter: Essential terms and sections
  • Responding to a cease and desist: Essential terms and sections
  • Tone and word choice (beware of the Streisand Effect)
  • Demands: What is fair and reasonable
  • What comes next (negotiation, follow-up, etc.)
  • Bonus: Responding to template copyright infringement claims

And there is a workbook too! Included in your registration is a workbook with:

  • 10+ templates of cease and desist letters (covering trademark and copyright)
  • 10+ template of responses to cease and desist letters (covering trademark and copyright)

Just like our other classes, there will be ample time for Q&A both during and after. As always, you will get the video of the class along with the slides to keep for lifetime access.

Cost: $597 for course, including workbook.

Register here:

***Even if you can’t make the live session, please be sure to register and you will get the replay plus workbook as soon as we conclude.***

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