Last week, I received a new scam solicitation – see below for the actual letter – from UPTS (Universal Patents and Trademark Service).

Why this is a scam, in my humble opinion:

  • The name sounds like “USPTO.”
  • The service offered – “Registration of the International Trademark” – does not exist. There is no such thing as a single international registration for a trademark. And the “registration” offered by this service is certainly not with any government entity.
  • The service offered has negligible – if any value. I’m not aware of any trademark professional who has ever consulted the UPTS’ directory of trademarks.
  • “Registration” or listing in the UPTS carries negligible – if any – legal or practical benefit to those who pay for it.
  • The cost in relation to the value of service is ridiculous.

If you have been harmed by this scam, or a similar solicitation, it is recommended that you contact the USPTO, the FTC, and your local attorney general to notify them.

FireShot Screen Capture #102 - 'UPTS' - www_upts_org

UPTS Trademark Scam

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14 thoughts on “Beware of new trademark scam from UPTS (Universal Patents and Trademark Service)

  1. i have received the same some days ago. now i will contact the USPTO, thanks for your article, i found few results by google search with this UPTS scam.

  2. We just received this same letter at my place of work. It’s definitely a scam. I’m a little shocked to see that it’s been going on for over six months.

  3. Thanks for putting this up. I received an almost identical letter just last week asking for $2192.54 to be sent to an account in the Czech Republic. Found this mention with a quick search, helping confirm this is a scam.

  4. We received one today fro UPTS invoice amount of $2,485.08 from Czech Republic
    TOTAL SCAM!!!!!
    Watch out for this type of invoice!!!

  5. We received the same solicitation. It looks quite real and I’d say they catch a few people out. Thank you for your clear explanation, which confirmed my thoughts. I agree with your analysis 100%.

  6. It is a scam. I received 3 of these on the same day, all shortly after I completed my Trademark. The other two companies are – IP Data and WIPT. The costs were all similar ($2300-2700) Interestingly enough, all suggested wiring the money to banks in Czech Republic. I assume they get enough companies that actually pay to make it worth sending the letters.

  7. Got this too but mine said to renew. I just order it less than a year ago lol. It does look real if you don’t read it. I didn’t pay even a 3rd of what they want to charge though to get it in the first place lol

  8. Received a notice for $2,588.43. Garbage solicitation! In the small print: “This document serves primarily as a draft contract.”

  9. We just received similar letters from IP Data and UPTS for $2,327 and $2,546.75, both requesting wire transfers to the Czech Republic. Thanks for posting this and helping us confirm that it is indeed a scam.

  10. Received letter/invoice today from UPTS. for $2,206.72 payable to a Slovak bank. Looked like a scam so googled the name and found your blog. My suspicions were confirmed. thank you!

  11. Received three letters yesterday, from three different scam entities all in the Czech Republic, all asking for over $2K for registration of international trademark. The entities are called – WPTS (World Patent & Trademark Service), RPT Servis and IPTO (International Patent & Trademark Organization.

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