Another new trademark scam! This one is a change of name, from ITP and/or ITR to WTP. See image below for their “offer” sent to many trademark application or registration owners.

The offer, for $1348, is for inclusion in a publication. A publication with essentially no real value. I have never heard any trademark professional recommend inclusion in such a publication; nor any trademark professional use such a publication for any research.

They are incomplete and unofficial. They do not add to your trademark’s protection in any meaningful way.

WTP trademark scam

If you have been taken by this scam, I suggest that you file a complaint with the FTC, write a letter to the USPTO Commissioner, and contact law enforcement.

Beware of such scams. Read the fine print. Contact your attorney. Report scams to the FTC and USPTO.

For more on such scams, see:

In the video, below learn more about how to identify these scams:

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122 thoughts on “Beware of new trademark scam from WTP (formerly ITP and ITR)

      • We’re a local, private nonprofit that was just scammed by this WTP. What looked like an invoice came right after we were emailed by our attorney that things were filed, so how were we to know? Now, we still owe the attorney and these creeps took money from a nonprofit animal shelter. I hope something can be done! I will file a complaint with the FTC.

        • Guys this is not US. We are based in Portugal since 2 years, we never scammed anybody. It seems some people are using our identity, but we are the same three partners from the beginning.
          How can you be scammed, our phone, email and address is on our website.
          Geoffrey BOYER

          • Never send anything to any scammer that does not have a phone number, this should be a red flag.

          • Sure. You never scammed anyone. Your address on my invoice is 176-25 Union Turnpike, Fresh Meadows, NY.

            I checked Google maps and it is UPS store.

            Your publication is running out of a mail box of a UPS store. You schmuck. How many folks had fallen for this?

            How can you look yourself in the mirror?
            Yeh, the fine print says it is not an invoice and you have to pay. But it does look official because you guys made it look that way.
            Shame on you.

          • Indeed. I recently wrote a letter to UPS Store headquarters to make sure they know that their address is being used for this scam.

          • Yup I got one today also. I know better than to deal with A-Holes like this. I went through the Gov to get my Trademark why in the hell do they THINK I would pay this kind of money who is NOT the Gov. YES it IS a SCAM !! Mine was for $1420 also.
            Wow I pray no one is gullible to think this is legit. Unbelievable the People who stay up nights thinking up ways to get money from others. I have even been getting Phone calls. Really Sad that People can be this way.

        • Yes that’s the amount on my letter but I got a bill from a collection company for the same amount. So I’m not out. Of the woods yet.

      • this was extremely helpful providing this link thank you. I went ahead and filed against WTP trademark publication which is a fraudulent scam requesting $1420 after you open up a new trademark legitimately through the USPTO.

      • Thanks Erik. I just got the WTP letter in the mail today. I thought it looked like BS but appreciate the confirmation. I’ll report ’em…not sure it’ll do anything. We should show up at their door and work their asses.

    • Located in a UPS store WTP Service rents a mailbox.
      Crafty thieves. They are easy to find and should be shut down by authorities.
      Address: 176-25 Union Tpke, Fresh Meadows, NY 11366
      Open ⋅ Closes 7PM
      Phone: (718) 820-0630

    • Thanks for sharing info, I just received a letter today and its address is based in the US according to the mailing. I will be filing my complaint with the FTC

  1. Our accounting department nearly fell for the same, since they sent it to at the same time as our other trademark renewal bills came due. I can only imagine how many companies have fallen for this, as the “small print” is still misleading even for many who take time to read it.

  2. Just received one in the mail today. Is there any way to report these people? This is so fraudulent and misleading. We need a ceast and desist!

  3. I received the same notice and at first thought why is it so expensive. I thought I paid everything due with the application. Then I read the small print at the bottom. The fee is just to be listed in their database????? I am sure many people believe it is a bill and pay it. This scam needs to be stopped. I’ll be writing the Florida AG.

  4. Similar to above, I received the same invoice. Luckily, I googled and found your article. Thank you! I’m putting this “invoice” in the shredder!

  5. I just got one of these from WTP today, for $1380! Haha I know the TM process, the $1380 goes towards nothing, since your TM is automatically published for opposition… How is this not illegal?

    • Sorry not us, we are not even in the US.
      Guys this is not US. We are based in Portugal since 2 years, we never scammed anybody. It seems some people are using our identity, but we are the same three partners from the beginning.
      How can you be scammed, our phone, email and address is on our website.
      Geoffrey BOYER

  6. What happens if I received two letters from WTP Each of them for $1380 , and I paid them both .
    Is there anything I can do to try to collect my money back .. I completely thought it was part of the transaction I was doing with my attorney I feel horrible and I can not afford that money that they took from me .

    • why don’t you read what you get in the mail? It’s 1 page and is less than 200 words to read and it says it’s a fee to be published in their database. Doesn’t seem like a scam, just a crappy service; perhaps some people like having their TM published in an obscure website directory, that’s up to them. New York Times also wants you to pay to be published in their classified’s section, but you don’t call them a scam. You should blame yourself for randomly paying without reading.

      • While I agree with you, I would say most of the people writing did read the letter and that’s why they looked them up. As a first time applicant for a trademark I was so excited when I opened the letter and saw my trade mark but then when I read it’s to be listed in a publication I realized I didn’t need to pay this.
        Most people are just honest and don’t think it is a scam (even though they are offering a service by printing your trademark it is useless and is a successful scam).
        I’m glad for web-sites like this where you can verify. Is that why you came here?

  7. I just got a letter too. I did a Google search and I wanted to thank you for this post. The USPTO site had some general information about scams but this site was specific to the letter I received. Again, many thanks for doing good.

  8. Wow. Thank you so much and thanks google. Was going insane when got a mail from them. Luckily googled right away and got to your website. Thanks again.

  9. I just received my WTP letter in the amount of $1380.00. When I looked the the envelope from the out side I automatically assumed it was junk mail, and actually was about to throw it out without opening it. When I opened it I new it was a scam!! Looked it up, and of course I was right B/C there was no way I was paying that amount..$1380 GTFOH!!!..LMBO!!!

  10. I just received my WTP letter in the amount of $1380.00. When I looked at the envelope from the out side I automatically assumed it was junk mail, and actually was about to throw it out without opening it. When I opened it I new it was a scam!! Looked it up, and of course I was right B/C there was no way I was paying that amount..$1380 GTFOH!!!..LMBO!!!

  11. They sent this to my client. FTP report made.

    SUGGESTION. Use the “other” type of reporting option so the FTC can categorize it themselves.. Nothing really seems to fit

  12. Got mine today. I read the fine print “… not an invoice” but I still Googled it. So thankful for this site. Good job!

  13. Just got one today.

    Looked at it and knew something was up immediately. Shame they didn’t include some kind of return envelope with prepaid postage. Would have loaded it with pennies so they had to cover the weight increase costs.

    What scummy people to try and take advantage of others with a sneaky “bill / fee”

  14. I also just received one such letter from WTP. My question is how the hell were they able to get my application number registered with USPTO, the filing date and the logo file itself? Are all these become public information once the application is filed or the USPTO is selling the information?!

    • All trademark application info submitted to the USPTO is generally publicly available. That is generally a good thing so that anyone can review other records for potential conflicts, and much more. Obviously, the scams are not a good thing!

      • Thanks for the great info Erik, due to I’ve just received one of these bogus notices today as well. How in the heck did they get our detailed information and knew that we’d file Trademark applications? Is that information made public prior to the Trademark actually being approved?

        Please advise!

  15. Thank you Erik for this blog! I received a letter from WTP today to pay them $1,380 for a publication fee. I will absolutely not pay it—the letter doesn’t even make sense.

  16. I just received this this morning. I had a hunch. Thanks for confirming
    Crazy with so many people seeing this, no one does anything about it and it continues to go on, right?

  17. Thank you Erik for this blog! I received a letter from WTP today to pay them $1,380 for a publication fee. I will absolutely not pay it

  18. Thank you for your comments and advise…why this company continue in business this can be reported to authorities. I also received the letter from the same scam company
    8345 NW 66 Street Ste 2000
    Miami, FL 33166

  19. Thank you Erik! Same as the others received this $1380 scam and as you recommended I have reported to FTC. Hopefully everyone posting here will keep you tops on google search page.

  20. Received an “invoice” from this company today for $1,380 for a trademark application filed by our lawyer. I have received notices like this for other TM applications we filed in the past, so I already knew it was a scam.

    You are doing a great service to others.

  21. Your first post about the WTP scam was early February 2019. I received the WTM letter this week, mid November 2019. Does it really do any good to report this to the FTC? The FTC has had over 9 months to stop this scam and these crooks are still going strong.

    • Yes. These government investigations take time – especially when the perpetrators are good at hiding. Addresses and bank accounts change. Which is why reporting the latest that you have received might be helpful for them. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Well, I got one today! How did WTP get my Trademark details? Is USPTO website hacked or USPTO leaks information to the scammer? Mine was just submitted very recently and is under early reviewing, has not published yet.

  23. I just received a letter from WTP, asking me to pay $1420. Thanks for your info- confirming this is a scam. Their address is 176-25 Union Turnpike Fresh Meadows, NY 11366.

  24. Thank you so much for sharing this info & providing a copy of the letter w/logo – we just received a similar letter asking for payment of $1,420 so appreciate the heads up to avoid getting scammed! I’ll also report it like everyone else is doing on this thread so they can be stopped.

  25. Hey – can I join the party? Just got my “offer” for $1,420. Gee, should I send them the money? Great deal I can access their database! They must have some degree of scam success. I’m sure that a few people will blindly pay thinking that it is part of the registration process.

  26. Can all of you guys understand that my company BOYER SERVICES using the commercial Name WTP-SERVICES (for welcome to portugal) has nothing to do with trade mark services or any services provided in the US to you.
    We are a Portuguese company based in Portugal and Malta, offering number of services but not Trade Mark.
    Our email, telephone and address are available and mentioned on our website.
    So please do not do amalgam between us and so fraudulent people.
    Thank you

  27. The big question here is how are they getting all of our information for our trademarks and address and everything? Why would the trademark Office allow this?

  28. Just curious, had anyone else just applied for Brand Registry on Amazon prior to getting their letters? I’m just trying to figure out who is obtaining this information and from where? I started to wonder if it was via an Amazon employee in the Brand Registry area? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • All USPTO filings are public records and the data is easily available. So I don’t believe this is likely to have anything do with applying for the Amazon Brand Registry.

  29. thank you so much for this information, i have to say when i typed WTP your blog was the first thing that came up. i called my husband and told him and he was so grateful that we didn’t owe anything else on our trademark. thank you so much for this.

  30. I just received this same letter today (June 17, 2020), expect it was *telling* me to pay $1420.00 without any reasoning as to why, except to register “privately” under them.

    Under law, from my understanding, when you register, it must be made public, but that’s not what made me feel it was a scam (I won’t say why here, just for the fact they shouldn’t learn from this to make it better).

    Anyway, thanks for posting this. It saved me time from making calls to check it out. I will be reporting them.

  31. Thank you for this site! The new price they are trying to scam is $1,420 we got 2 in the mail and it had no return address and the idiots spelt our business name wrong please take all legal actions you can.

  32. Hello Thank you yes I received the WTP scam just now and the mail. I went to look it up and your site pop up on how it is a scam. I knew it was because I applied with UPSTO and they normally email me directly. Plus I already paid them and the never mention any big pay like this I would still have to pay. plus me not seeing USPTO on the form I knew it was not real. Also it said I had to pay it with in 10 days or I would not get the offer they were offering. But wow it had all my info on the paper and a picture of my brand name with logo on it. Oh and the amount was 1420.00

  33. Hello, I also got a letter in the mail today and mine was also $1420 each for 3 trademark applications. They must think I’m an idiot. lMAO

  34. Just received three WTP I official looking invoices, each for $1420. Fortunately, I suspected that it looked fishy and found this site. Thank you. Is it still a good idea to report this to the FTC?


  35. Received WTP invoice for 1420 on 8-12-2020. Ridiculous! The only info they left was:
    email: (emailed them asking how they got my info)
    address: 176-25 Union Turnpike, Fresh Meadows NY 11366 (upon googling it, its a UPS store)

    I asked trademarkengine (where I filed) if they sell info. They said submissions to the USPTO becomes public so they are able to access it there.

    • This UPS store should be told that they are allowing people to get ripped off by these illegal scammers. They are allowing fraud out of the business. They need to be called out. I just wonder how many people fall for this scam that do not report it.
      If they just get one a day it is nothing but profit . $1.400 is a good pay day everyday.

  36. I see that WTP is still scamming. I received two letters today each asking me to send them $1420 for each of my designs pending for trademarks. I goggled WTP and thank God I did. This site was extremely helpful in my not being scammed out if $2840.

  37. I just got the letter today. It was for 1,420.00.. my stomach dropped when I opened it and saw the amount. But if you read the text in the lower box it does explain what’s happening.. it’s in the border of total scam and very legal.

  38. I am with an accounting firm and one of our clients was scammed with this. What they are doing is not illegal, they say they will put your trademark on their website and they do. Their “invoice” says it is not an invoice, so it is your choice to pay it. Clearly, this is very misleading. They can’t open a bank account without corporate documents to deposit the checks. I found a corporate registration for them on the FL Secretary of State’s website, but did not find any registration info for them in NY which is where my client sent their money. I would like to send them a 1099 to make sure the IRS knows they have this income and maybe that is the way this stops is to get the IRS chasing them. Is there a way to find out if the NY address is linked to the FL corporate registration which includes a taxpayer ID number?

  39. I just received the letter from WTP only a few days after I read this, thank you for the heads up. The fee they are asking is 1,420 now. The letter does not even come with a return after a on the envelope. Very shady indeed.

  40. Well, we are now in 2021 and I just received two letters from WTP. Price has increased to $1420. Letter has a NY address but the stamp was from Germany. It looked fishy, so I ended up here. Thank you for keeping us informed!

  41. I got 2 letters today, each asking for $1420 for our name and logo. Same New York address on the form, same Deutschepost pre-paid/cancelled envelope with no return address. Didn’t seem right to me because I had paid the lawyer already for the filing fees. Thank you for the confirmation!

  42. I literally had written out the check and addresses and stamped the envelope already and decided to investigate before sending. This really pisses me off.

  43. I received an invoice from them today for $1420. Good think I looked them up before I submitted a check. Thank you for the awareness!

  44. They’re still at it. My letter from We Take Property is dated 4-19-2022 (My guess at the acronym). WTP mailed me the same letter above requesting a publication fee of $1420, no additional tax, to WTP Service 176-25 Union Turnpike in Fresh Meadows NY 11366…if you google this and look at it in Gmaps you’ll see it is a UPS store. They rent a PO Box to receive checks. I wish I could ambush them at that location. The fine print in the lower right of my letter says “Dear Madam and Sir, the publication of…You are not required to to the above amount unless you accept this offer….” so they technically don’t lie but definitely prey on the fact that TM filers with the USPTO are expecting to pay a filing fee for a TM grant. I get angry bc this scam probably gets some people.

  45. Thank you for this information. I just received a letter from them yesterday asking for $1420. I can tell something wrong about that so look for there information and see your post. Thank you so much!

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