Recent chatter on the excellent e-trademarks Listserve® has indicated that several trademark attorneys and law firms have been approached in apparent scams attempting to transfer them large amounts of settlement funds from unknown persons seeking to be their clients. These efforts are elaborate and well done – they may even including a signed settlement agreement attached. They likely work much like other financial scams, where the money appears to be transferred, the recipient then issues a check to the “client” and then the transferred money is withdrawn or disappears or is invalidated by the banks. Or they gain your bank account information and use it for other transactions or purposes. Several attorneys indicated checks were even mailed to them for large amounts of money seeking to show the transaction was legit.

Beware of such attempts! And if you have details regarding any such scams, contact your local police or attorney general’s office to report the information.


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One thought on “Beware of scam trademark settlement agreements seeking an attorney to complete transaction

  1. Got one from a Cecilia Ann USTPO trademark attorney. Sent me a text saying I had 7 days to reply to a trademark office action. I checked with ustpo. No action is required, my trademark was approved and good standing. Junk scammers.

    I would figure a real attorney, even Truly scummy attorney, one who was out of breath from chasing ambulances and suing neighbors for loud TV sets, would at least call. Nice try Cecilia.

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