This trademark scammer has recently moved addresses to 2058 County Line Road #113, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. But the scam is the same — warning about trademark registration renewal deadlines with false information long before renewal can be filed.

Sadly, this scammer has been operating for several years without law enforcement shutting it down.

This is not a government agency and in no way affiliated with the USPTO.

The deadline cited in the offer is wrong. It is intentionally misleading.

Are they attorneys? What services do they offer in exchange for their fee?

If this was a legitimate service at a reasonable value, why would they mask who they are, and why would they choose the clearly deceptive name of “Patent & Trademark Bureau”? Why would their address have moved multiple times in recent years, most recently to Huntingdon Valley, PA?

Perhaps the USPTO should be working with landlords to help stop scammers from using their address services?

I suggest that anyone affected by this issue write to the USPTO, the FTC, and the Post Office and urge them to move more quickly and more forcibly to bring an end to these scams.

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21 thoughts on “Beware of scammer Patent & Trademark Bureau at 2058 County line Road #113, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

  1. Thank you so much for having this web site to warn me of the scams!!!
    I finally was going to mail my patent renewal to:
    2058 County LIne Road #113
    Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006
    the other scam place is:
    1700 Market St. ste. 1005
    Philadelphia, PA 19103-9977
    They wanted $1,250.00 to renew my patent. I almost sent it in but because of this site, I called USPTO and spoke directly to them. They said these 2 companies are a scam. They know about it. WHY and WHERE is the AG for PA JOSH SHAPIRO???
    Why is he not shutting down these crooks? They should be using a different name if they are looking to collect money for the service. Not PATENT & TRADEMARK BUREAU. Acting as if it is the government.

    • They tried to get my patent renewal for $3100.00,
      Just 2 days later I received actual patent renewal from my attorney and sent the copied to her and my attorney told me just ignore it,
      (I almost send them the money)

  2. I appreciate you raising awareness on this. I just found out this week that I got scammed by this very one in February. I had done some research because there was an off feeling about the whole thing, but after searching the address things looked ok. Unfortunately, I sent the check and it has already been cashed so it is probably long gone. I’ll report it at the links you’ve provided. Thanks again for raising awareness and helping direct how to report it.

  3. Thank you for this information! You just saved me $1250! It looked a little off so I googled the address and the first thing I see is your post. THANK YOU! I have also reported it to the links you provided.

  4. Thank you for this information. This came in my office’s mail just now, I had a feeling it was bogus, and then I did a search on the address, leading me here. Thanks for proving my assumptions correct.

  5. I received a letter from this scammer however he is getting bolder and bolder…my letter stated the fee was $1900 which jumped out at me immediately as I recall my renewal fee being in the $500 range. So I typed in the address in the header and found this announcement regarding scam. Also, all USPTO correspondence should come from headquarters in Alexandria VA. Lastly I recall renewing my trademark 2 years ago so became suspicious that it has only been 2 years!

  6. I knew this was a scam, because of the slight change in name (Bureau). We have received several times, and they have attached approximately 20 other LLC’s to OUR address. So receive all of them. I have reported to the Trade Commmission.

    It looks real. I just, since I’ve been in business, do not trust ANYTHING without checking into it.

  7. Hi there,
    this is part of a large “business” network which trades on making you believe they represent some official institution. This is a scam but not completely illegal. Please remember that USPTO’s web-site is ending always on .gov ( Futhermore, you can use some whois server to find out who is their webmaster. In this case using one can see that the domain was registered in 2015 (probably at a different postal address). Secondly, ask for a bank transfer (do not send checks) and write the Director of that Bank that they support an international scam scheme, ask them to close that account. That used to work.

  8. Last year once of the addresses was 2311 Cottman Ave; Suite 10 in Philadelphia, PA, but in small script underneath it were the words, “Please do not use this address for any correspondence.”
    This year it’s the County Line address as noted above. I have forwarded everything to my account manager of a national trademark watch company, and his fraud team is supposed to be investigating this. I forwarded this link in light of the many helpful comments all of you have provided. I also spoke with a woman at the Trademark Assistance Center of the USPTO and asked her if she had heard of other cases, and she said, “Oh, yes, just earlier this morning!” It should be (well…should be) an easy shut-down.

  9. 100%…SCAM And they DON’T care. Physically talked to them about my check being cashed, and with no action / update on the U.S. patent website, and they wanted more money to “fight it in court…” Went as far as to give me an hourly rate and average of what it would cost to “fix” the problem. There are enough uninformed people that they will CONTINUE to get away with it.

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