This trademark scammer has recently moved addresses to 2058 County Line Road #113, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. But the scam is the same — warning about trademark registration renewal deadlines with false information long before renewal can be filed.

Sadly, this scammer has been operating for several years without law enforcement shutting it down.

This is not a government agency and in no way affiliated with the USPTO.

The deadline cited in the offer is wrong. It is intentionally misleading.

Are they attorneys? What services do they offer in exchange for their fee?

If this was a legitimate service at a reasonable value, why would they mask who they are, and why would they choose the clearly deceptive name of “Patent & Trademark Bureau”? Why would their address have moved multiple times in recent years, most recently to Huntingdon Valley, PA?

Perhaps the USPTO should be working with landlords to help stop scammers from using their address services?

I suggest that anyone affected by this issue write to the USPTO, the FTC, and the Post Office and urge them to move more quickly and more forcibly to bring an end to these scams.

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