The quick and short answer to “How can I protect a book title?” is that you can’t. But, when it comes to the law trademarks, everything’s complicated with a lot of variables, and there are ways to work around it.
  • A book title cannot technically be protected under trademark law, unless it is the title for a series of multiple books.
  • An author can register the same phrase or words for other products or services that they may provide.
  • Having such a trademark associated with a book title is useful when possible, because it helps the author control the relevant domain name(s) and social media profiles.
  • Having a trademark registration linked to the book title, but for different products or services, will ensure that the title appears in the public records at the USPTO, making it less likely for others to use the name as their book title.
  • When a business owner writes a book and the publication title is distinct from the trademark used to identify the business services, the author can still use and promote the trademark on the book.

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