Join Erik M. Pelton & Associates on March 23rd, 2011 (2 pm E.S.T.) for a free teleseminar featuring tips and strategies for choosing a new brand name. Whether re-branding or launching a new product or service, having a strong and creative brand name is a key foundation.

This free call will feature tips for selecting a new brand name. Learn about differences between strong and weak names, what makes a great brand name, brainstorming for potential names, and “clearing” a new name.

To receive the dial-in instructions, sign up here:

Choosing a Trademark – Event Registration

About Erik M. Pelton & Associates:
• Established in 1999 by former U.S.P.T.O. examiner Erik Pelton, the firm has registered more than 1,300 U.S. trademarks
• Named a Top 10 trademark filer by NameProtect’s Trademark Insider three times
• Presented about trademarks and branding for a variety of business and legal audiences

For videos featuring some of our past speaking engagement, see

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