Travelers insurance features a red umbrella logo. The logo is nice – simple and unique. And suggestive of providing protection and cover. Travelers has used it for over 50 years.

I flipped past the Travelers Championship golf tournament on the television this weekend.  I immediately saw several creative uses of the logo on the course and telecast to enhance the branding.

  • the red umbrella is mowed (and painted) in to the grass next to the 18th hole where the final shots and award ceremony take place
  • the red umbrella is on an island in the water on a hole where the golfers must shoot the ball across the water (the umbrella island is also used for a charity challenge before the tournament)
  • the markers at the tee for the start of each hole are little three-dimensional red umbrellas on the ground

These are just a few examples of the repetitive and creative uses of the red umbrella. See photos below:

photo from

photo from

photo from


As a whole, this is creative and outstanding marketing from the people at Travelers.


  • Mark ImageUSPTO Registration No. 1161313 covers “Underwriting Casualty, Fire, Marine and Inland Marine Insurance Services; Fidelity, Surety and Guaranty Bonding Services; Agency and Brokerage Services in Connection with the Preceding Named Services, and Counseling in Regard to Accident Prevention

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