In the past, we have seen the New England Patriots jinx their championship hopes with trademark filings before the big game. Perhaps California Chrome will fall victim to this bad luck as well.

Now (thanks to reporting by ESPN) the company owned by Pat Riley, the president of the Miami Heat basketball team, filed this month for three additional 3 PEAT trademarks. Riles & Company already owns several USPTO trademark registrations for THREEPEAT and 3 PEAT:

  • THREEPEAT – registered for hats, jackets, shrits
  • 3 PEAT – registered for jewelry
  • THREE-PEAT – registered for collector plates, mugs and tankards
  • THREE PEAT – registered for bumper stickers, decals, paper pennants, paperweights, posters and trading cards

Now, Riles & Company filed this month for:

  • 3 PEATJewelry, namely rings and other sports memorabilia
  • THREEPEAT  Protective covers and cases for portable digital devices
  • 3-PEATBed Covers, Namely, Bed Linens, Bed Blankets, Bed Pads, Bed Sheets and Bed Spreads, and Towels.

Also, several others have filed for related trademarks:

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