Last week, the Miami Heat won the NBA championship for the second year in a row. So if they were to win again next year, it would be three in a row. A potential “threepeat!”  Just don’t make a tee shirt about it – unless you have permission from Pat Riley.

Riley, former Lakers, Knicks, and Heat coach is now the team President for the Heat. And he registered the THREEPEAT trademark for clothing in 1988. And he currently owns the following USPTO trademark registrations [click marks for USPTO records]?

  • THREEPEAT – registered for hats, jackets, shrits
  • 3 PEAT – registered for jewelry
  • THREE-PEAT – registered for collector plates, mugs and tankards
  • THREE PEAT – registered for bumper stickers, decals, paper pennants, paperweights, posters and trading cards

Note that someone else has recently filed to register 3-HEAT for athletic apparel.




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