Here is a sampling of some of the registrations our clients have recently received from the USPTO, so readers can see real examples of brands and marks which are being protected.  (These are all public records – click on trademark name or logo to view USPTO records.)

ORGANIZEOLOGY – for “Professional organizing services for business purposes, namely, paper management, clutter control, space planning, and closet organizing; relocation management, namely, planning and project oversight of home moving for others”

BREEDER logo – for “Hats; jackets; pants; shirts; shoes; socks; underwear”

INHIBITOR – for “industrial safety eyewear”

logo design – for “Educational services, namely, conducting informal programs in the fields of sustainable living, organic food and gardening, homesteading, the environment, and conservation, using on-line activities and interactive exhibits; on-line journals, namely, blogs featuring sustainable living, organic foods and gardening, homesteading, the environment, and conservation”

FRAICHE YOGURT – for “Restaurant and café services featuring yogurt and frozen yogurt”

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