I am thrilled to share that my first book has been published and is now available in print and electronic (Kindle) format! I have been working on Building a Bold Brand:the Foundations of Trademark Protection! for nearly two years – and in many ways I have been working on it for my entire 20 years in private practice. That is because the book is the cumulative wisdom I have gained helping thousands of businesses build and grow and protect their brands over the last two decades. I am excited to share this information in a single resource for the first time.
I would be honored if you read the book, share it friends and colleagues who could use it, and leave a review on Amazon. More about the book, and bonus content for purchasers, can be found at www.buildingaboldbrand.com.
  • Order in Paperback: here
  • Order for Kindle: here
Details about the book:
For the first time in Building a Bold Brand I share all the tips and tools from my 20 years of experience in a single resource created for brand managers and business owners.
  • In Part One of Building a Bold Brand, we will cover the fundamentals of choosing a brand name, and we’ll explore and explain the different types of name choices.
  • In Part Two, we’ll take a deep dive into the how and why of the trademark registration process. In Part Three, proper use of a trademark is detailed, along with registration renewals.
  • In Part Four, I cover special considerations for small businesses and a variety of specific industries.
  • Finally, Part Five is a compendium of valuable resources for working with your brand(s).
Enjoy the reading!

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