Here are my favorite posts from 2011 in case you missed them!



USPTO trademark application process (video)

What is an ‘intent to use’ trademark application? (video)

Why register a trademark? (video)

Social Media and Intellectual Property Issues video

Trademark Dilution – new video from Erik M Pelton & Assoc

Proper trademark use (video)

New video: Trademark Infringement – what is it and how to deal with it

2011 USPTO Trademark Expo: a photo and video journal


Pop Culture / Celebrities

DONALD TRUMP: a rich trademark portfolio 

Trademark Guide to Game 7 of the World Series: mascots, logos, squirrels and more!

Al Davis and the Raiders – master of branding and trademarks

Susan B. Komen foundation’s “pinking of america”



Heinz’s new “Dip and Squeeze” packet: Love it or leave it?

My favorite logos

Best. Slogans. Ever.

Love it or Leave it: GROUPON name and logo

Failing to protect your trademarks early can be costly, just ask Twitter

US Postal Service believes that “PO Box” is a trademark ?!

Update: Facebook tries to register ‘Like’ button

Love it or leave it: Versus to become NBC Sports Network

Love it or leave it: University of Colorado at Boulder’s $780,000 logo change


Trademark Litigation Tactics Study / Bullies

Trademark lawyer groups weigh in on “litigation tactics” study

Small Business “Trademark Bullying” Comments Made Public

As new school year begins, are trademark bullies still on the playground?

Managing Intellectual Property: Trade Mark Bullies Report Dubbed Dissappointing



Guide to Changes in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Manual of Procedure (TBMP)

Fifteen Questions to Ask Your Trademark Lawyer

10 reasons to register a trademark

New trademark trend: QR CODES as trademarks?

Space Shuttle Tribute: Best space logos

Which U.S. city has the best trademarks?

Top Trademark Trends of 2011


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