2012 looks to be a big year for trademarks.  As of late December 2011, the USPTO records included nearly 100 pending applications and registrations that feature the wording “2012” – more ‘live’ records than there are featuring “2011”! Many of the “2012” filings have to do with the presidential election to be held in November.  

Here are some of my favorite applications and registrations featuring ‘2012’ (click mark or image for USPTO records):

SHOVEL READY FOR ELECTION DAY 2012 – Bumper stickers; Decorative stickers for helmets; Magnetic bumper stickers; Paper banners; Stickers and transfers; Hats; Hooded sweat shirts; Polo shirts; Shirts; Short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts; Campaign buttons; Novelty buttons

2012 – cigars

 – long list of goods and services

– Belts; Eyeshades; Footwear; Hats; Hooded sweat shirts; Jackets; Jeans; Jerseys; Jogging pants; Leather belts; Long-sleeved shirts; Skirts and dresses; Tops; Wearable garments and clothing, namely, shirts

– cups

LONDON 2012 – promoting the goods and services of others by arranging for sponsorship and licensing enabling partners to gain additional notoriety and image derived from those of international culture and sporting events; advertising services, namely, direct mail advertising (owned by United States Olympic Committee)

– long list of goods (owned by 2012 Democratic National Convention Committee, Inc.)

– long list of goods and “organizing, planning, arranging and conducting special events relating to political conventions for commercial, promotional or advertising purposes”

– Museum services; Museums

 – Cups; Drinking glasses; Drinking glasses, namely, tumblers; Mugs; Plastic water bottles sold empty; Caps; Fleece pullovers; Jackets; Jerseys; Pants; Polo shirts; Shorts; Sweatshirts; T-shirts

I survived December 12, 2012. – Gift wrap paper; Handpainted paper wine bottle labels; Napkin paper; Note paper; Note papers; Notebook paper; Paper badges; Paper bags; Paper bags and sacks; Paper bags for packaging; Paper banners; Paper board; Paper boards; Paper bows for gift wrap; Paper boxes; Paper for use in making signs; Paper gift bags; Paper gift bags for wine; Paper gift tags; Paper gift wrap; Paper gift wrap bows; Paper gift wrapping ribbons; Paper hand-towels; Paper handkerchiefs; Paper handtowels; Paper hang tags; Paper labels; Paper napkins; Paper party bags; Paper party decorations; Paper party favors; Paper patches for clothing; Paper pennants; Paper pet crate mats; Paper picture mounts; Paper place mats; Paper ribbons; Paper shopping bags; Paper signboards; Paper stationery; Paper stationery with inspirational messages imprinted thereon; Paper table cloths; Paper table linens; Paper tablecloths; Paper wine gift bags; Party goodie bags of paper or plastic; Party ornaments of paper; Pennants of paper; Picture mounts of paper; Place mats of paper; Postcard paper; Posters made of paper; Printed advertising boards of paper or cardboard; Printed collector cards made primarily of paper and also including metal; Printed collector cards made primarily of paper but also including metal; Printed paper labels; Printed paper signs; Printed paper signs, namely, table tents; Printing paper; Printing papers; Protective covers for sheets or paper and pages of books and the like; Recycled bond paper; Recycled paper; Rubbish bags (made of paper or plastic materials); Stationery writing paper and envelopes; Table cloths of paper; Table linens of paper; Table mats of paper; Table napkins of paper; Tissue paper; Toilet paper; Trading card discs of paper or cardboard; Treated paper for wrapping flowers and floral displays; Typewriter paper; Unprinted paper; Wrapping paper; Writing paper; Writing paper pads; Baby bibs not of paper; Bibs not of cloth or paper; Bibs not of paper; Button down shirts; Camouflage shirts; Camp shirts; Collared shirts; Dress shirts; Fishing shirts; Golf pants, shirts and skirts; Golf shirts; Hooded sweat shirts; Hunting shirts; Knit shirts; Leather shirts; Paper aprons; Paper hats for use as clothing items; Polo shirts; Race number belts that hold a paper number on the race participant’s front or back during competition; Rugby shirts; Shirts for infants, babies, toddlers and children; Short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts; Short-sleeved shirts; Sleep shirts; Sleeves worn separate and apart from blouses, shirts and other tops; Sport shirts; Sports shirts; Sports shirts with short sleeves; Sweat shirts; T-shirts; Tee shirts; Turtle neck shirts; Wearable garments and clothing, namely, shirts

2012 promises to be an exciting year for those interested in trademarks!

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