This weekend I am up in far northern Maine just steps from the Canadian border. I am on an fishing retreat with family. Three generations of my family have been going to Wheaton’s Lodge in Forest City, Maine on and off  for decades.

The sign entering the fishing camp shows a great slogan – “fishin… not wishin.” I have a vivid memory as a teenager visiting Wheaton’s and the slogan sticking with me as something true yet playful. One of my first memories of recognizing the power of branding.

Me in front of the Wheaton's Lodge sign (2008)

Lessons: Great brands and slogans are everywhere — from major international communications companies to remote fishing lodges. And great ones resonate with the customers, whether implicitly or explicitly.


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  1. Have fun EIP! Is it everyone or just boys? Tell Bubba I said hello and tell the children Hi from Aunty Booty. Xoxo

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