sofTMware® is a free tool provided by Erik M Pelton & Associates for tracking and monitoring the status of USPTO trademark applications and registrations. It was built from scratch and uses the electronic data published by the USPTO. The tool emails users daily reports notifying them of any changes in the statuses they are tracking. Office actions, responses, registrations, publication, extensions of time to oppose, notices of opposition, and more are all potential statuses included in the update. The daily update contains an easy and quick link to jump directly to the USPTO records for each record which shows an update. The sofTMware tool can be used to monitor a single application or registration – or hundreds of them. It can be used with your own records, or those owned by others. I often use it to track trademark applications that look interesting, or to trademark records that could affect the records of our clients (for example, a third-party application that caused suspension of a client’s application).

Using a cloud-based secure website and password protected accounts at, the sofTMware tool allows users to:

  • Follow multiple U.S. trademark applications and registrations in one place
  • Create custom categories to organize the applications and registrations being tracked
  • View all recent status updates
  • Link directly to multiple USPTO pages for each record (TARR, TDR, TTAB, Assignments)
  • View logo images
  • Sort records
  • Import multiple application serial numbers at once
  • Receive daily reports about status changes by email

For example, here is the beginning of an email update (the records here represent nothing other than that I found them interesting):

2012-12-18 SOFTMWARE email p1_001

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