As many celebrate Christmas holiday today, here are a few fun Christmas themed trademark registrations:

  • UNIVERSITY OF SANTA CLAUS – registered for “training people to act as Santa Claus”
  • MR. CHRISTMAS – registered for variety of products include “Christmas decorations”
  • The Official Hometown of Santa Claus – registered for a variety of services including “Travel, excursions, and cruise arrangement; coordinating travel arrangements for individuals and for groups”
  • – registered to Coca-Cola for a variety of products
  • SANI-CLAUS – registered for cosmetic products and liquid soaps
  • XXXMAS – registered for “cosmetics, namely, nail polish”
  • A VERY JEWISH CHRISTMAS – registered for “Entertainment services, namely, live performances by comedians”
  • – registered for “Entertainment services, namely, the production and presentation of theatrical and musical shows and performances”
  • DENNIS LEARY’S MERRY F#%$IN CHRISTMAS – registered for “Entertainment services in the nature of television series, featuring live action, comedy and drama; providing online information in the field of entertainment concerning television programs”
  • DR. SEUSS HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS – registered for a variety of goods
  • CRISP KRINGLE – registered for “Candy”
  • – registered for “Entertainment services in the nature of personal appearances by a costumed character”
  • – registered for “Christmas tree ornaments and decorations; Education services, namely, providing presentations, seminars and lectures in the field of Christmas antiques, traditions, customs and celebrations; entertainment services in the nature of an amusement park attraction, namely, a themed area; guided tours of a museum; museums”

Happy Holidays!

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