As I noted recently, brands continue to creep into every nook of our lives. A recent article from Mashable chronicling the Top 10 Digital Advertising Innovations of 2010 highlights some of the new ways that ads appear before us:

  • Commercials that spawn viral videos which are entertainment, but serve to promote the originally advertised product
  • Mobile browsing. iPhone browsing is now full of little ads.
  • CAPTCHA Advertising. I have never encountered this but it sounds brilliant. Instead of typing random jargon to prove you are a person to access a page or site, you type something that an advertiser is paying for, e.g. “There’s nothing like a Pepper.”
  • Error message Advertising. Brilliant again! Taking a wasted space or message on the web, and giving it a purpose.

Have you noticed other ways advertisements and brands are creeping into our lives? Where will brands begin to appear in 2011? Let me know in the comments.

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