The following is an edited transcript of my video Examples of Great Branding – to see the images and logos, watch the video below.

I want to share several examples of great branding that I’ve encountered lately. The first example is from Peloton. If you notice the Peloton logo, it’s a nice, clean, simple, forward moving logo. They use the logo consistently and place it extremely well all the time. You’ll see the Peloton logo on the bike in several key places: on the screen, on the app, and on the instructors’ apparel. They use the logo to reinforce the brand over and over again, in both direct and subtle manners. This is a great example of clean, consistent use of a brand.

What good is using your beautiful logo if it’s hidden in a place where customers aren’t likely to find it all of the time? Logos and brand names used to be on the hang tags on the back of a shirt, and that would be it. But now we are seeing much more creative expression of where logos are placed, because you want to place it where the customers will see it and know about the brand and the manufacturer.

The second example of great branding is a little different, it’s really the story used to sell the product. The product is the Solo Stove. It’s a mobile, portable fire pit that you can hose off and put in your trunk, or you can leave it in your backyard. The belief when they created this product was that it would be the last fire pit you ever needed to buy, that it would last for a long time, and you could take it with you if you traveled or moved. In their commercials, their brand story is tremendous. Solo Stove isn’t really selling or advertising a fire pit in their commercials. What they’re advertising is something much more valuable: memories, family, good times, and the fun and peace of mind of hanging out at the fire pit. Their commercials do a great job of capturing this. In the end, you’re buying a fire pit, but their advertising is so creative, it’s selling much more than that.

Example number three: Sleep By Number sells you not just a mattress, but a good night’s sleep. And what does a good night’s sleep lead to? It leads to a more productive and more enjoyable day the next day.

Those are some examples of great branding. Think about your brand. You’re not just selling a product or a service, but you’re selling what comes from that. And think about how you use your logo in a consistent, creative manner where customers will see it.

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