Tyson’s Corner is just down the road from my office. In the last few months, the Metro expanded to go through the Tyson’s area. And for several years the planners in Fairfax County and Tysons have been working to transition the region from one that was almost exclusively commercial to a broader mix of developments for office, shopping, and living. There are plans to re-arrange some of the roads and to make it more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.

A group called “Tysons Partnership” has unveiled a new branding campaign for the region. According to its website: “Nowhere in the world has a community attempted to convert an edge-city into a modern, transit-oriented urban center. Tysons will double in size by 2050.”

Cities – or regions or neighborhoods – can have brands. And trademarks too. And trademark registrations. I have worked extensively with my home of Falls Church, Virginia, to protect The Little City® moniker and logo.

The Tysons neighborhood logo and slogan used by the Tysons Partnership is terrific.

The logo is bright and fun. I imagine that the three colors/shapes symbolize live/work/play.  The font is nice. The overall image is less serious than the current image of Tysons, which is perceived as an area of only office/commercial buildings, and giant malls, without much character.

The slogan tells the message — Tysons will be more than just the office/commercial. It will have everything a city has — character, arts, food, residents, offices, shopping, transit, and more. In just five words the slogan conveys a lot of information about that goal.

My only critique is that the logo and slogan have not yet been applied for at the USPTO! I know that there are may lawyers in Tysons, and it is rather surprising that the trademarks are not properly protected at this time.

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