This holiday season we are particularly grateful for the clients and friends who make our work at Erik M. Pelton & Associates possible and enjoyable.  Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty as we enter the New Year.

As you know, a distinctive and protected brand is valuable in any economy.  When times are tough, strong brands help businesses get the most out of every marketing dollar.  As the economy rebounds, businesses that have made intelligent investments in their brands will be best positioned to stand out from their competitors and capture customer’s attention and loyalty.  We are proud to provide services which help our clients build and protect their brands.  These brands in turn provide customers with software, food and dining, apparel, cosmetics, information, music, green products and services, and just about every other part of the economy.

To further increase the value provided to clients in 2009, we froze our rates and took measures to increase the efficiency of our services by investing in the design of custom software that manages our docket and client communications.  At the same time, we began posting valuable tips about brand and trademark protection on the new IPelton blog ( and expanded our presence on social media sites like Facebook ( and Twitter (

We continue to take great pride in providing high-quality, professional legal counsel to our clients for an affordable flat fee.  In 2009, we have filed more than 175 new trademark applications and our clients have received more than 170 U.S. trademark registrations.  This year we also filed numerous copyright applications and international trademark applications; drafted and reviewed contracts, licenses, and terms of use policies; stopped numerous trademark infringers; assisted clients with domain name and social media issues; and participated in clients’ strategic planning and branding decisions.

We would like to extend to you, your family, and colleagues our warmest wishes for the holidays and the New Year ahead.

Yours truly,

Erik M. Pelton

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