The USPTO is supposed to be an American symbol and repository of technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. It is now 2018 and many key trademark functions of the the USPTO website are still not available from a mobile phone. Most critically, TESS, TEAS (application filings), and TSDR are not moible formatted. TTAB opinion and order PDFs cannot be read easily on most mobile devices. And there is no app or mobile formatting changes on the near horizon to my knowledge.

While the USPTO has created a small online tool at, the functionality is rather limited and its usage small. It also requires an account and login. There is an app available via GitHub but it requires a complicated installation and appears to have rather limited functionality.

According to the USPTO website, “The USPTO is at the cutting edge of the nation’s technological progress and achievement.”

I believe the USPTO needs to immediately refocus its technology initiatives and budget including these app and mobile issues, and the ongoing TMNG delays and cost increases.

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