The last few months have been even busier than usual here at Erik M Pelton &Associates. Thanks to exciting clients and new speaking opportunities, there has been little time to stop and reflect on all the activity. Here is a brief re-cap:

  • We have represented multiple clients this year in appeals of trademark application refusals issued by the USPTO. Here are blog reports discussing two different appeals we won on behalf of clients: WISH YOU WERE HERE and BOVIS FOODS.
  • I have spoken recently at several conferences and on a panel discussing social medial legal issues. You can see video of the panel’s  discussion here and videos featuring some of my other presentations at
  • In 2010, our clients have already received more than 140 U.S. trademark registrations and filed more than 190 applications for U.S. trademark registration with the USPTO.
  • I was quoted in several publications recently, including this article from AOL Small Business: What Are the Best and Worst Company Logos?
  • This week, staff from our firm is be attending the American Intellectual Property Law Association’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C. These conferences are great for keeping up with developing areas of the law and even for meeting counsel we have previously squared off against! We have attended several events at the
    USPTO already this year. These are great opportunities to learn about changes to the agency’s practices and procedures and to continue building relationships with the USPTO staff.
  • Mentoring law students: Four law school students, including one from New Hampshire, have interned in our office this year. These internships provide us an opportunity to teach and learn, and to share our experiences in the field of trademarks and managing a small law office with students who are preparing to embark on their careers.
  • While traveling this year I had the opportunity to visit with clients in Los Angeles, New York, and Boston.

We are very thankful for great clients who provide us with these amazing opportunities!

Mark, Erik & Teresa

Mark, Erik & Teresa

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