Love it or leave it – trademarks that impress me or disappoint me

FedEx logo (love it)

I am very fond of the FedEx logo.

FedEx Express logo

FedEx Express logo

The name and logo convey speed.  There is a hidden arrow in the logo subliminally suggesting speed and getting your package from one place to another.  (  The FedEx brand name is unique and easy to remember.  And it is consistent.  All FedEx services are branded “FedEx”. FedEx bought Kinko’s several years back and until recently the service was called “FedEx Kinko’s”.  Now it is being re-named FedEx Office. All of FedEx’s services feature the FedEx name and logo and a generic term, so they all promote the overall brand, its consistency and service.

Lesson: Cohesiveness makes a brand even stronger.  A five letter brand name and logo can convey a real and important message, in this case speed.

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