Citi Field logo – leave it

This logo for the new New York Mets stadium fails for several reasons.

– It looks like the Domino pizza logo.

– It conveys nothing about Citi financial services or baseball (OK, I admit it does contain an umbrella and may suggest the shape of a baseball diamond.

– The Citi name is the focus, not the field or the opening of the new stadium, which seems to just scream pure corporate sponsorship (I admit, I am a bit of a baseball purist and in general find too much advertising connected to the games — I know that position is somewhat contrary to my position as a trademark attorney promoting brand development!)

– To me, all it says is: we paid a lot of money to attach the Citi name to this stadium and had to find a way to put our name on the uniforms and everywhere possible to try to justify the investment.

– Last years special Mets logo commemorating the final season at Shea stadium was much more interesting, it features the NYC skyline, some of the stadium, and a much more interesting design.

Lesson: Don’t waste valuable advertising space by failing to communicate a message.

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