Leave it – The Hut

Apparently Pizza Hut, in an effort to turn itself around in this economy is re-branding itself as “The Hut” with a new logo.

See: http://www.idsgn.org/posts/pizza-the-hut/

New Logo for The Hut

New Logo for "The Hut"

To me, the Hut does not sound like a place to get a great mean.  “Pizza Hut” is marginally better.  Unless the modifications at “The Hut” include a menu that does not focus on pizza, I think this logo, brand, and restaurant are bound to fail.  The Hut sounds like a desperate attempt to be cool and to appeal to youth. Also, the new logo (and old one) have only one image – that of the roof.  Is the building really the best thing about your brand, your food, your restaurant?

Lesson: If you change your brand, do you risk alienating your current customers? What message are you communicating with this change?  To me, the change to “The Hut” communicates desperation and an appeal to youth.

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