I have never used Groupon. There, I said it. When I overhear people talking about a Groupon offer, I feel like one of  a small minority that has never used the service. “Social” forms of shopping, group buying power, and receiving electronic notices about deals is all the rage and there are a variety of companies today using similar business models. But Groupon is the biggest and most well known. And it may be going public with an IPO soon

What about the GROUPON name and logo, are they good? Are they creative, memorable, suggestive? Do they communicate a message to the consumer? [Note: great brand names in my opinion have all of those attributes!]

I like the GROUPON name a lot. It sounds fun. It rhymes with “coupon” and blends in the word “group” therefore giving some suggestion of the services to the consumer. It communicates the nature of the services – group / coupon. It does not communicate anything else about technology or fun or easy or whatever. Overall, I give it a grade of: A-.

But the logo is a different story. The logo is barely a logo.  It is extremely simple. All caps. Simple font. Grey box with white or light grey lettering. The box is a rhomboid rather than a rectangle, that is really the only element remotely interesting about the logo. 

The logo is overly simple. I would like a see a logo that says something more about the services and the company. I give it a: D+.

What do you think of the Groupon name and logo? Let me know in the comments.

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