I love the new Mountain West logo! It is fun, it is simple. It is creative and imaginative.

At a press conference last week, the Mountain West collegiate athletic conference unveiled its new logo, shown above. If I had to make one complaint about the logo, it would be that it does not reference sports in any manner. But otherwise, it is great. Great features include the interlocking M and W, the reverse color scheme, the three dimensionality and the movement shown in it. And note the ‘TM’ on the right side showing proper trademark use for a new logo. It avoids a predictable design which would have  incorporated the shape of mountain tops. And a final reason to love the new logo: The Mountain West Conference has applied to register it with the USPTO!

Which college conference has the best logo? The Big Ten had a great logo for the last several years, but its recently unveiled new design has been widely panned and is not nearly as good as the prior logo. The Big East logo is fairly boring. The Pac 10 has a nice logo. I think the new Mountain West logo may place it at the top of the list of conference logos.


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