Here a a few Father’s Day themed trademarks for all the dads out there. Make it a great day! [click links and images for USPTO records]

FATHER’S HALL OF FAME –  providing information relating to parenting, fatherhood and ancestral lineage of families, providing information related to specific individuals in the nature of short stories, and providing information concerning the accomplishments of specific individuals via an interactive, online computer network

DAD’S DAY OFF – wines

DadPad – Portable reusable fabric baby diaper changing pad

DAD”S OLD FASHIONED – cough drops

MODFATHER – online community

– Shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts, golf shirts, boxer shorts; hats; baseball caps; and bibs not of paper

– Wholesale distributorship featuring food products, excluding candies and cookies

THE GOBFATHER – Ice cream and frozen confections (from Ben and Jerry’s)

HAPPY FATHERING DAY – Cards namely, greeting cards, note cards, and cards bearing honoring greetings

RICH DAD – Audio tapes featuring financial education information

DAD’S TAPE – Peel and stick adhesive patches made of polyethylene and woven strands, for repairing tarpaulins, sheeting and hand tools

– Consulting services in the field of marketing home digital electronics; providing on-line information in the field of marketing home digital electronics

– restaurant services

DAD IN TRAINING – T-Shirts, caps, golf shirts, polo shirts, fleece jackets, sweat shirts, pull overs

BOBBLEHEAD DAD – Books, written articles, handouts and worksheets in the field of fatherhood, parenting, life lessons; On-line journals, namely, blogs featuring written articles in the fields of fatherhood, parenting, and life lessons; providing online columns on the subject of fatherhood, parenting, and life lessons

– Entertainment in the nature of theater productions and dinner theaters; conducting workshops and seminars in the field of acting, improvisation, and professional development

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