Leave it!

A few moths ago, Pepsi unveiled a new logo design.  The brand has been around for more than 100 years.

I am not a fan of the recent update.  It is bland and confusing to me.  What does the shape inside the circle represent? To me, it most resembles a boat sail. It certainly looks less and less like the bottle cap of the older logo versions.  In my opinion, it is an attempt to be trendy,  but I think that looking back in 5 years the logo will look even more out of place.  The last several versions of the logo are more basic and simple and clearly represent and red-white-and-blue patriot flag theme (to me). The new logo departs from that history at least a little.

I give Pepsi credit for being bold.  But the new logo fails in my opinion to create an image that will be lasting or that has any meaning to or connection with consumers.

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