The following is an edited transcript of my video, How to Use the Bold Brand Scoresheet.

The Bold Brand Scoresheet is a metric that I created to help assess a brand and how well protected it is.

Using the table below, take the assessment and give your brand an honest rating and score in each category. The result will be a total score between 0 and 12. If your brand’s score is 10 or greater, you’re probably doing great and may not need to seriously consider doing anything additional – just keep doing what you are already doing.

The Bold Brand Scoresheet: How protected is your brand? | Erik M Pelton & Associates, PLLC

However, If your total score is between 6-9, you’ve got some room to improve and strengthen the brand’s protection. First, review your score and see if your grade in any category was a zero—if you have any zeros, you should address those first. See if you can move your score up over time by taking some of the actions detailed in my book, Building A Bold Brand.

Finally, if you have a score that is 5 or below, there are some possible concerns as the brand is likely rather weak or vulnerable and unprotected. I have two suggestions if you find your score is this low. First, identify some steps you can take quickly to move any scores of 0 up to 1 or 2, and follow the tips in the book. Second, speak to a trademark attorney to help with the weak and vulnerable asset and devise a strategy is to tackle it and try to obtain whatever protection is possible.

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