Memorial Day is our country’s annual tribute to fallen heroes who have died while serving in our military. In good times and bad, in war and in peace, we are indebted to all of those who have served our country.

Where I live, in Falls Church, Virginia, the city will host its annual Memorial Day parade for the 29th time. We are just a few miles from Arlington National Cemetery and downtown D.C., and all weekend we  see and hear many motorcycles here for Rolling Thunder – we love to visit the bridges over Route 66 on Sunday to see and hear the bikes heading to the Pentagon parking lot to gather.

Here are a few Memorial Day themed trademarks (click on trademark or image for USPTO record):

  • NATIONAL VETERANS MEMORIAL – Promoting public awareness of the need for reconciliation and recognition of all veterans
  • NATIONAL MEMORIAL DAY PARADE – Entertainment services, namely, arranging and organizing a parade on Memorial Day in Washington, DC
  • VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS – indicating membership in an association of officers and enlisted men and honorably discharged officers and enlisted men of the Army, Navy and Marine Corps of the United States of America who have served in foreign wars of the United States of America
  • – (pending application) Promoting public awareness of Vietnam, the Vietnam War, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, other wars and military engagements, military service, and issues that impact veterans; and other goods and services
  • ROLLING THUNDERAssociation Services, namely, promoting the interests of Vietnam veterans
  • – posters; t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, cap

Have a safe Memorial Day!

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