If this isn’t an egregious scam, then what is? The USPTO and other government agencies ought to be putting these operators out of business and in jail. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office  government agency is in Alexandria, Virginia.

Per the solicitation forwarded to me by a client this week, the renewal service from “Patent and Trademark Office” has an address in Washington, DC. The address is a Regus office rental.

The offer is ridiculous – mostly because it is a year an half before anything for renewal can be filed, and has a false cancellation date warning. And also because the price offered is outrageous for not receiving any legal advice.

In the past, this same scam operated from New Jersey and New York. The current address in Washington, DC is even more concerning as it shows an even more clear effort to appear like a government document.

As a result of their use of the name “Patent & Trademark Office,” this solicitation is striking. On top of that, the services offered and the costs indicated are questionable.

Their “fee” of $1650 is not cheap. And it is not clear what services they provide? Is this a Section 8 renewal, or 8 and 15? Do they provided legal advice about which renewal is appropriate, and whether the mark is in use or in use for all the goods and services in the registration? Are they attorneys and members of the bar?

Beware of such scams. Read the fine print. Contact your attorney. Report scams to the FTC and USPTO.

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