Sixteen teams have begun the NBA Playoffs. Which has the best logo/name/brand?

  • San Antonio Spurs
    • unique name
    • suggestive name – for Texas
    • logo – very nice, especially the way the spur forms the letter “U”
  • Dallas Mavericks
    • I prefer the old logo and colors much better, the new one is a stereotypical modern design.
    • The name is unique, and a nice meaning.
  • Houston Rockets
    • Great name. Unique. Relates to Houston’s space center for NASA.
    • Ugly logo.
  • Portland Trailblazers
    • Great name. Unique. Relates to explores in the Pacific Northwest.
    • Great logo. Also unique.
  • Los Angeles Clippers
    • Odd name – relates to sailing from when the team was in San Diego.
    • Simple logo.
  • Golden State Warriors
    • Nice logo. Nice colors.
    • The “Warriors” name has to do with a historical team in Philadelphia, nothing to do with California.
  • Oklahoma City Thunder
    • I don’t particularly like the logo — it is a stereotypical logo design from the last decade.
    • The name is unique and interesting, and suggestive of tornado alley and Oklahoma.
  • Memphis Grizzlies
    • The name came with the team from Vancouver. Even in Vancouver it wasn’t a very good name (though unique). It has nothing to do with Memphis!
    • The logo is fairly boring. For a grizzly bear, it doesn’t look terribly intimidating.


Best of the Western playoff teams: Spurs and Trailblazers.

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