Yesterday, I broke down what I think are the best logos and brands in the Western Conference NBA playoff team. Now it is time for the East:

  • Indiana Pacers
    • Nice classic logo design.
    • Interesting and unique name. Suggestive of pace car at the Indy 500 and history of harness racing.
  • Atlanta Hawks
    • Shortened from the Blackhawks. Has nothing to do with Atlanta area.
    • The logo is nothing special. The logo in the 1970’s and 80’s was much more interesting.
  • Chicago Bulls
    • The name is apparently a nod to the city’s history in the meat industry, once boasting the largest stockyard in the world. It is fairly unique.
    • The logo has never changed. It is classic.
  • Washington Wizards
    • Terrible name. Not sporting at all and not intimidating. But the newer red, white, and blue logo is far better than the old, but is still hideous.  Especially the alternate DC logo and the ball featuring the Washington monument.
  • Toronto Raptors
    • Silly and terrible name. Silly and terrible logo.
  • Brooklyn Nets
  • Miami Heat
    • Unique name. Oddly named after weather, but it works for Miami.
    • The logo is OK – the burning ball passing through the hoop. The font is a bit much, too trendy/futuristic.
  • Charlotte Bobcats
    • Unique name, I guess. But nothing about the name or logo really resonates with me.


Bottom line: PACERS and BULLS are far better names/logos than the competition.

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