States, cities and other government areas can have brands too. I ♥ NY, Virginia is for Lovers, What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, and the like are some of the best known examples. Buffalo recently did a re-branding.

Colorado last week unveiled a new brand:

Colorado Logo

and a slogan – It’s our nature.  For more details, see “Colorado rolls out new logo and slogan for state brand campaign” in Denver Post.

The slogan is great. Colorado’s perception (and reality) is all about its natural beauty and resources. And its nice people and way of life.

And the logo is very good. It is a peak, to represent the mountains. It is green. And it is pointed up, to signal the growth in business in Colorado.The design is simple, not to modern nor too retro.

Finally, the branding campaign seems to have got it right as well with a video (below) and by filing to register the trademarks (click for USPTO records):

I like it. How about you?


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