I have a solution for the Washington Redskins and their naming challenges. While the team doesn’t admit that it has a problem, it is clear that pressure to change the “Redskins” name is growing both in the DC area and nationally.

The team could change to the name “Burgundy and Gold” which describe its colors. The phrase is already a common nickname for the team. By changing to the “Burgundy and Gold,” the change would not be terribly disruptive… it would be consistent with its history and just require removing the “Redskins” name. Their uniforms could say “Washington”  – or say nothing and just feature the burgundy and gold colors. I presume they would also drop or change the logo at the same time.

Redskins uniforms (via the great SPORTSLOGOS.NET)

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PS – if they take this advice – and you read it here first – I would be glad to represent the team in the new trademark filings!

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