The World Trade Center complex in New York City recently unveiled a new logo. The complex is made up of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, One WTC, and Four WTC.

The new logo is one of my favorites.  Here is why:

  • It is simple in appearance and design, but contains many layers of meaning
  • It uses “whitespace” as part of the mark
  • It is bold and unique

The many layers of meaning:

  • The twin towers
  • a pitchfork/trident
  • the white in the top half evokes the rays of light displayed on the site of the twin towers
  • the black in the lower half evokes the two reflecting pools at the National September 11th Memorial
  • the five towers of the new WTC complex
  • the letter “W”
  • the slope of the top three prongs is at a 17.76 degree angle; One WTC is 1,776 feet tall

A seemingly simple design is layered with amazing meaning. The logo is tremendous as it communicates something important about the brand to the user/public. And as any great logo should be, it has been filed with the USPTO for registration.

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