When traveling to New York City, I generally take the train. Last week was one such opportunity. The Amtrak terminal is in Penn Station below Madison Square Garden. Penn Station is full of a lot of things – vibrancy, trash, people, and more. And it is also full of trademark lessons. On just one hallway as you approach the Amtrak section of the station, there the following trademark lessons:


– Alliteration: PRIMO! CAPPUCINO

– Descriptive: WirelessToGo

– Telescoping words: PERFUMANIA

As you can imagine, the pun, the alliteration and the telescoping word all are creative and original sounding; WirelessToGo is none of these.

The pun, the alliteration and the telescoping word are catchy and memorable; WirelessToGo is not.

The pun, the alliteration, and the telescoping words are capable of strong trademark protection, WirelessToGo is not.

Three of these Penn Station stores have terrific brand names, and one does not.






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