I love baseball! And baseball trademarks! To succeed in baseball, a team has 9 players on the field at once, each doing their own thing. While each player has their own responsibilities, each must play as part of a team, in harmony with the others, as well. To succeed, a team needs great players and great harmony.

A trademark application is much the same — there are many individual elements or parts of the application, and each is important. And to maximize the odds of success, they need to be in harmony.

  • proper ownership identified
  • proper evidence of use
  • knowledge of USPTO TEAS forms
  • ability to track the application status
  • drawing the mark wording or logo
  • identification of goods and/or services
  • searching for conflicts
  • filing basis (use, intent to use, etc)
  • managing the deadlines imposed by USPTO

To work cohesively, they ought to have an experienced coach, or attorney!

Bonus: find the error in the visual image here, and leave it in the comments!

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