The following is another update of recent Erik M. Pelton & Associates client trademark registrations obtained from the public records of the USPTO so readers can see real  examples of brands and marks which are being protected – and the wide range of variety in brand names, logos, products and services. [Click trademark or logo to open USPTO records in a new window]

  • TOROFLUX – Kinetic spring toys; Equipment for dance and movement-based activities in the form of kinetic spring toys
  • TABEZA HOLDINGS, LLC – Consulting in the field of procuring government contracts for the purchase of goods and labor contracting services; Management of federal contract projects; Logistics management in the field of commodities
  • TEA WITH MRS. B – Entertainment services in the nature of hosting social entertainment events, namely, hosting tea parties; education services, namely, classes, mentoring, seminars and workshops for individuals in the field of etiquette and manners
  • MERLOT –  Jewelry
  • MJP – Financial services, namely wealth management services \
  • Trademark image – Nutritional, dietary, and botanical supplements
  • GENERATE LEADERSHIP – Leadership training services; seminars and workshops in the field of leadership and leadership training; Leadership development training in the field of business; business education and training services, namely, providing business education programs to employees and executives; Consulting services in the fields of fitness and exercise; Personal fitness training services and consultancy; Physical fitness instruction
  • ECLIPSE SURFBOARDS – shirts, hats, sweatshirts, bathing suits, rash guards, sun protection shirts, sandals, surf trunks
  • MYACTIVECHILD – Promoting the goods and services of others by providing a website featuring coupons, rebates, price-comparison information, product reviews, links to the retail websites of others, and discount information; providing an on-line directory information service featuring commercial information regarding a wide variety of businesses that provide activities for children
  • Trademark image– providing a website featuring information relating to educational and entertainment activities and events for children and their families; blog in the field of activities for children and families
  • EBALLOT – Providing non-downloadable computer software for use in the field of elections, balloting, campaigns, and voting, namely, software that creates, manages and conducts elections, votes and surveys
  • BABY CAKE – Hookah tobacco
  • TURBO SEARCH – Providing a website featuring a search engine for transportation industry and motor carrier data
  • WORKPASS – Database management services; business records management relating to employee records; personnel recruitment and selection services for others; psychometric testing for the selection of personnel; business information services; compilation of business information; business information research services, namely, checking of official financial records; information and data compiling and analyzing of financial data relating to business management; business management; business administration; providing office functions; management and compilation of computerised databases; computer database management; data processing services; registration, management, transcription, systemisation, maintenance and/or compilation of data and database information, namely, employment, education, membership, license and financial records; provision of business data information for commercial, business or trade purposes; compilation and transcription of data; providing online business directories, namely, addresses, telephone numbers or postcodes of corporate or commercial businesses; database management services, namely, employment, education, membership, license and financial records; provision of statistical information; business data analysis services; employment agency services; personnel recruitment consultancy; provision of business information; employee exit interview services for others; preparing mailing lists of customers; professional credentialing verification services of an employee’s educational instruction, educational degrees and school enrollment, namely, verifying the skills and knowledge of licensed professionals on behalf of others
  • BOWL’D – Restaurant services
  • TOPO’S – Mobile restaurant services featuring vegetables and potatoes


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