Here is another update of recent Erik M. Pelton & Associates client trademark registrations obtained from the public records of the USPTO so readers can see real  examples of brands and marks which are being protected – and the wide range of variety in brand names, logos, products and services. [Click trademark or logo to open USPTO records in a new window.]

In February, our clients were issued 12 USPTO trademark registrations.

  • Trademark image – retail store services featuring juice bar, smoothie bar, bakery, organic produce, organic frozen and dairy, food, supplements, health products, beauty products, bulk foods
  • Trademark image  – Arranging and conducting nightclub entertainment events; nightclub services; Arranging and conducting nightclub parties; dance club services
  • A PEEK UNDER THE HOOD – business management consulting for small business owners and managers
  • A SMALL BUSINESS MATTER – on-line journals, namely, blogs featuring business consulting
  • Trademark image–  Jewelry
  • U.S. SPEED – Online distributorship services of auto parts and accessories
  • Trademark image -Private money, mortgage, and real estate lending services; Financial services, namely, money lending; Mortgage lending
  • THE PIG & THE SPROUT – restaurant and bar services
  • THE VETERANS CORPORATION – Providing a website featuring information in the field of small business, namely, providing business information via a website
  • TDS REPORTS – Providing a website featuring non-downloadable reports in the field of insurance and transportation
  • NORTHERN LIGHTS – clothing, namely, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and jackets

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