Here is another sampling of recent registrations our clients have received from the USPTO, so readers can see real examples of brands and marks which are being protected [click trademark or logo to open USPTO records in a new window]:

– restaurant services

B7 –  restaurant services

BURGER 7 – restaurant services

NERIUMCS – Non-medicated topical skin care preparations, namely, creams; non-medicated topical cold sore preparations

 – Business marketing services; consulting in the field of business marketing; providing a website featuring information via audio and video in the field of business marketingProviding a website featuring blogs and non-downloadable publications in the nature of articles in the field of marketing; educational services, namely, conducting teleseminars and webinars in the field of marketing and distribution of workbooks in connection therewith; educational services, namely, providing programs in the field of marketing

drop it MODERN. – bags for cameras and photographic equipment; Fabrics, namely, canvas, muslin, velvet silk and taffeta for use as backdrops in photographic productions

APPTIVE – Providing on-line non-downloadable software for the design, creation, and management of mobile applications

– restaurant services

PHO HOT – restaurant services

NANOGEN – Shampoo; hair and scalp care preparations; hair loss camouflage products, namely, adhesives for affixing false hair; hair colorants; cosmetic preparations for the scalp, namely, scalp colorants; cosmetic hair filling powders and fibers for covering bald spots on the scalp; hair sprays for thickening hair; hair restoration lotions; Hair growth stimulants; medicinal preparations for stimulating hair re-growth; medicinal preparations for stimulating hair growth; medicinal preparations for treating hair loss; Hypodermic and sterile surgical injection needles; arrays of hypodermic and sterile surgical injection needles; medical devices, tools, implements and instruments for treatment of the hair and skin, namely, hair prosthesis; plastic bags, cases, and bottles for sterilizing medical instruments, skin and hair

EMMA & SOPHIA – hand bags; purses

ADVENTURALLY – Organizing motor racing and road rally events; entertainment in the nature of motor racing and road rally events; entertainment in the nature of competitions in the field of motor racing contests; motion picture film production; production of radio or television programs; organizing entertainment and social events namely post racing and rally parties

MATCH PAYMENTS TO PAYDAYS – Bill payment services, namely, automated consumer loan payments

DESIGN REWIND – Interior design and decorating services; Home staging consultation, namely, temporary interior and exterior home decoration consultation for the purpose of making homes more appealing to prospective buyers

 – Non-medicated toiletries, namely, soaps, shampoos, foam baths; non-medicated skin care preparations; non-medicated skin exfoliating preparations; wrinkle removing skin care preparations; make-up and decorative cosmetic preparations; non-medicated skin and hair preparations to protect against damage from electromagnetic radiation; non-medicated skin and hair preparations to remove hair and retard hair growth; non-medicated hair care preparations; tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions

PEACHIE TEA – iced tea

IT’S A MOUTH FULL – Providing reviews of restaurants and dining events

DR. WOLFE’S – Toothpaste, non-medicated mouth rinse, non-medicated oral gel; medicated toothpaste, pain cream, medicated mouth rinse, medicated brush on oral care gel, homeopathic supplements; Homeopathic pharmaceuticals for use in the treatment of tooth aches, headaches, pain, trauma, and infection 

 – employment screening (CERTIFICATION MARK)

WHAT’S KEEPING YOU UP AT NIGHT – Professional coaching services in the fields of management and leadership development, goal and problem definition, problem solving, communications strategies, business and professional development, strategic planning, self-improvement, career development, and human resources initiatives

SWORDSEARCHER – Computer application software for computing devices, namely, software for storage, search, and retrieval of text in the field of religious study

– shirts and hats

SECURITY INSPECTION – Computer security consultancy and engineering; consulting and engineering in the field of intelligence and security technology; Monitoring of alarms and computer systems for security purposes; consultancy services in the fields of building and homeland security; safety inspection audits to improve building and computer system security; security services, namely, security assessments of physical locations, information systems and working environments; surveillance services rendered via computer  

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