Apptorney®: IP is a an iPhone app (works on iPad and iPod Touch too) our firm created last year. It contains links to the main USPTO and international pages for searching trademarks and patents.

I use it the app the time (biased opinion of course). When I think about a trademark while in line at the bank or on the subway or anywhere (yes, I am that much of a trademark geek) and want to know more about it and see if it is registered, I use Apptorney to get to the USPTO search page in 3 quick buttons, without having to remember or type any URLs. Then I search and if I find an interesting record, I pull up the USPTO TARR version of the record and click the “envelope” icon to email the TARR link to myself. Then when I return to my desk, the link is waiting for me!

We are honored that Apptorney was recently featured in “A Directory of the Best iPhone Apps for Lawyers” by Jeremy T. Brown of Jackson Walker L.L.P.

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More information about Apptorney®

What are your favorite mobile tools for I.P. lawyers?

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