Can you guess what are the most popular words in trademark applications filed thus far in 2011? There is no official list published or available anywhere, so a little guesswork is required.  So far in 2011, approximately69,000 trademark applications have been filed with the USPTO. Which words are are hot in 2011? Social network services? Green products and services? The ‘cloud’?

Here are some of the most popular terms in 2011:

– SOCIAL : 168 applications

– NETWORK : 270 applications

– BOOK :145 applications

– CLOUD :149 applications

– ECO : 219 applications

– GREEN :402 applications

– ORGANIC :91 applications

– MOBILE : 175 applications

– TIGER :36 applications

– WINNING : 26 applications

Are there popular terms I may have missed? Let me know in the comments and I will search to see if any term tops GREEN in 2011 so far.

Below are the USPTO search results for listings of these 2011 filings.

[scribd id=52059079 key=key-26o1j9j1ntln6596w4nj mode=list]

[scribd id=52059074 key=key-13w6xk2imnflzm1kdetn mode=list]

[scribd id=52059072 key=key-2dof8y0qnn9ighr0e774 mode=list]

[scribd id=52059068 key=key-200okn68e1c40whbf7mm mode=list]

[scribd id=52059067 key=key-1cxf0ffka3l5rxc6nva7 mode=list]

[scribd id=52059084 key=key-1jtsqhz4phegw8086qsy mode=list]

[scribd id=52059091 key=key-ie4hzde8aa6dsazachz mode=list]

[scribd id=52060589 key=key-16sanbovlr4uueqiwc4z mode=list]

[scribd id=52059094 key=key-b5usmufa617em7m0832 mode=list]

[scribd id=52060225 key=key-izfmhnj07usinse9gy1 mode=list]

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