A recent experiment by a UK department store, Selfridges, removed the brand names from items in an entire section of the store. The promotion – called No Noise – showed that sales did not decrease. And consumers still knew what they were getting.  Because iconic, successful, well-branded items are recognizable based on much more than a name. For example, consider these brand elements:

  • Levi’s – red tag, pocket stitching, logo shape
  • Heinz ketchup – bottle shape, label keystone shape

The idea is fascinating. By de-cluttering the store – and the displays – it may make decisions easier for customer in some way, which could boost sales or provide a more pleasurable shopping experience. Of course, the current trend in retail in general is in the opposite direction – bombarding the consumer with brand impressions as much as possible.

The key lesson for me in this is how recognizable these brands are even without their brand names., which is a true compliment to the brand owners.

image from Bonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0


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