Lately I have been asked a lot of questions about social media risks and legal implications. I have spoken to audiences on the subject several times in the last year. The risks are significant, but common sense and forethought can deal with many of them.  Some of the risks include:

• Content posted by company contradicts company policy
• Employee using social media embarrasses company
• Social media used by employee to violate someone else’s intellectual property
• Social medial as evidence in a future legal case
• Social media improperly in employment decisions
• Social media results in leak of confidential information
• Company’s intellectual property misused
• Followers of social media page unclear if source is personal or company
• Attorney client privilege destroyed
• Privacy rights waived
• Employee or company violates terms of use of social media site
• No written or clear policy dealing with social media usage
• No written or clear policy covering use of employer’s communications equipment

Here are the audio and slides from my presentation last year at the NAPBS Mid-Year Meeting:

AUDIO: Social Media Risks: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, Oh My!

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