qI love non-traditional trademarks. I think the future of branding (really, the future has already arrived) will see an increasing number of non-traditional trademarks – colors, shapes, sounds, etc. – used by brands to differentiate themselves.

Here are ten rather well known non-traditional brand symbols that are not, too my knowledge after extensive searching, registered:

Ohio State football: dotting the ‘i’
Virginia America airlines – lighting  Main Cabin
Whistle in “Old Spice” commercials
Rickie Fowler’s orange golf outfit  
Chris Berman homerun call:Back back back back …. Gone  
Vineyard Vines store config(photo via http://www.jarrettbay.com)  vineyard vines Pam Beach check-out counter
Jeopardy theme song  
“Live from New York…. Its Saturday Night!”  
An image featuring ‘Flo’ from Progressive Insurance advertisements– Progressive even has a webpage with tips for dressing like Flo for halloween


 Dress Like Flo this Halloween
Seahawks 12th man flag raising http://www.seahawks.com/12th-Man/index.html

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